DBC Phase 2 - Day 1 Reflection Notes




It’s awesome to feel like I have so much to contribute and share with the new phase 1 cohort that just joined.

I’m excited about putting to rest a lot of my questions and anxiety about comfortably creating beautiful interfaces for any projects moving forward. Josh (the phase 2 lead instructor) is very keen to have us focus on the front end of web development work because he feels it’s been under-represented in DBC so far. …sweet.

This phase seems like it will start to separate rockstars from strugglers based on how hard people are prepared to work, as opposed to how talented people are at picking things up. One might think that that entire program does, but this part is much more about what you can get done, rather than what you can understand. After all, the point is to finish the phase with a solid beginner porfolio of projects that show off what you’re capable of.

I’m excited for the opportunity to work harder, but I also suspect that it will lower my tolerance for pairing / working with people that are not trying their best to keep up.