Kill your mouse

This post is about why keyboard shortcuts are worth the steep learning curve effort along with some strategies for learning them faster. Dead Mouse

Why bother?

Speed is the obvious answer, but the benefits of acting faster on your machine are perhaps less immediately obvious.

Learning Strategies


“I wish I hadn’t learned this keyboard shortcut” - said nobody, ever.

Of course your mouse/trackpad are still appropriate for a bunch of contexts like media editing, games…wait, I can’t think of any more than that actually. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get by without that pesky thing, lying soooo far away from the keyboard.

Not all shortcuts are created equal so tools like Alfred and Vimium exist to override and consolidate shortcuts in certain scenarios for a better experience. You’ll want to check out the tools I list below in order to have a truly pleasant time navigating with your keyboard.

Helpful Tools & Further Googling

Did I miss anything? Comment/feedback is always welcome.