Privacy Paranoia Pillars

This is basically a direct copy-pasta from my private reflection notes where I was exploring my growing unease about the state of the world and my digital footprint…largely but not exclusively triggered by the not-so-subtle-sort-your-shit-out themes of Westworld Season 3 (top notch sci-fi entertainment btw).

In response to the question “what am I worried about when I think about my privacy and security in a data dystopia? What’s at stake, and what can/should I be doing about it?” I made this slightly wordy list for myself. While I’m not going to expand on any of it at length here, I’m pasting it here as a shareable point of reference as the topic pops up quite frequently with friends and colleagues.

Principles to consider in an ever-increasingly dystopian future for freedom of information.

Private sentiment

purity of memory, mindful snapshots, independent conclusions, minimised exposure to targeted corporate / political manipulation

Social liberty

…secured through available assets & leveraged identity in order to maintain various personal privileges

Access to global truth & knowledge

available, reliable, honest

Drill for dramatic worst-case scenarios

because it’s only a matter of time 😱

Does any of that make sense? Too crazy? Not cautious enough? What have I missed? Feel free to comment or get in touch. I have a feeling that I’ll be referring back to this brief post regularly for one reason or another in the coming years.